28 February, 2009: Moulder Pitfighters Returns!
He could hear the chittering outside. The massive beast in front of him growled anxiously, waiting for its chance to charge out into the open and meet its opponent head-on. Suddenly, the sound of a Warplock pistol going off rang through the air, and two slaves pulled open the wooden doors. Chirvikk snarled and cracked his whip, sending his Rat Ogre forward onto the dusty floor of the arena. It roared and ran forward, eyes blazing with fury. Chirvikk followed his creation on, while sizing up his opponent's beast, a Kroxigor torso crudely sewn on to a spider body, brandishing a massive scythe. It scurried forward on countless legs, pulled back its scythe, and as soon as it came within striking distance swung it in a vicious arc, carving out the stomach of Chirvikk's Rat Ogre. The rat Ogre stumbled backwards, and Chirvikk did not have time to step out from under its shadow as it fell, its weight snapping the Skaven's spine instantly.

The crowd roared with pleasure.

Moulder Pitfighters has returned! Join the fray and take on the role of a Master Moulder on the outskirts of Hell Pit, creating your own monstrosities in a laboratory and then sending them into the pits to test their strength against the creations of others.

Moulder Pitfighters was started three years ago by myself, and ran for about two years before the troubles of real life forced me to close it down. Now, however, it has been reborn with a new life, new background, new Moulders, and new rules. Start out as a Moulder in the infamous Outskirts of the Pitfighting Realm, and work your way through the Blackpits, Deathpits, and to the Inner Domain as you improve your mutating and pitfighting skills. Perform different actions like mutating beasts, sabtaging players, spying on players, assassinating players, researching, training beasts, breeding, and much more! Join now!


10 August, 2008:  ...And they rose with a Hatred never felt before...
Well I mentioned some updates comming to Aethra and I'm not one to dissapoint, after a much anticipated wait we're finally ready to reveal the next army to 2nd Edition: The Revenants!
Much improved over their previous designs the Revenant forces have expanded vastly on their troop choices as well as the Special Rules that govern them, further defining them as a force that isn't to be taken lightly.  Though the most exiting new feature with the metallic warriors must be the new Construct rule; with this special ability they can create whole new types of units right on the field of battle, adapting themselves to virtually any situation that may arise!  The stratigic elements are still just being recognized with this new and powerful tactic.  How will the other races of Aethra compete?  Well that is a question for you the players to decide!

Lastly, I've found a new file hosting site (FileAve) that should one and for all solve our hosting issues with Clockwork Legacy.  Feel free to download all the rules to Aethra as you explore all of our various hosted sites.

Keep your eyes peeled my fellow Clockwork Lovers, more exiting news and updates are just around the corner!

21 June, 2008: The Final Days of Moulder Pitfighters


It's been a little while since the last update and I'll have to give a genuine apology for that; life has gotten a little hectic around here (and it still is!)  I bring some bad news as well to our honoured patrons; Moulder Pitfighters has officially closed its doors.  After two years of constant working Morkskittar is finally hanging up his hat on the site.  Unlike my own Æthra through MP is closing because it has been too successful!  In the end every good thing must come to an end it seems.  The site will still be hosted off our own Clockwork Legacy site so feel free to stop in and read up on all the old stories.  If you've kept tabs with the site now is your chance to sneek a peek at all those mythical beasts that we've watched fighting in the arenas, don't miss your chance at this once-in-a-lifetime look into the minds of some of the best Moulders out there!

On a lighter note where one door closes another invariably opens; with the vaccum created by MP closing Dok Warz is expected to be on the rise once more!  Now under the prime moderation of Sidney the site expects to benefit largely as all the old Moulders try their skills at being Dokz once more.

Finally now we turn to the world of Æthra where somthing of a renewal is taking place there as well.  Keep an eye out for some suprising updates in the World Divided...

Your humble admin

20 August, 2007: Server Maintenance
Hello all!  Just got this word from doteasy.com:

"Dear Customer,

We have scheduled for maintenance of your web server to take
place on Tuesday Aug 21, 2007 from 20:00 to 23:00 Pacific Time.

During this time we will be re-assigning IP address for your
website. During this time your website and FTP access to the
server will be unavailable.

Email services will not be disrupted by this process. We
apologize in advance for any inconvenience that may caused.


The Doteasy Team"

Even though Clockwork Legacy will be going down all of our support sites will still be up and running as each or independant.
Thanks again for your patronage!

13 July, 2007: The Word is Spreading!
It didn't take long this time around for us to pick out our newest member-site: The Chaos Arena!  It too is part of the growing Pitfighting craze that's sweeping the Warhammer forums, though unlike the other two you actually become the fighter in this game, as you work towards gaining ultimate favor from the Chaos Gods!  
Be sure to check it out; the more members the better!

23 June, 2007: A Grand Welcome
And I bet you all thought I let this site go to waste!
The truth is that my computer ended up getting a little smashed so I had to put everything on hold for a few months until it got fixed.  Truth is they never did fix it, I'm actually on a new computer now...
In any cast the time spent off line certainly wasn't wasted, over at Æthra I've now finished the massive update to the Ailalee list and it's now ready to be played with the 2nd Edition rules, but that isn't the big news here; we now have two new sites added to the Clockwork Legacy Family!
Let me be the first to welcome both MOULDER PITFIGHTERS and DOK WARZ to the community!  Both are sister sites of each other and are based around the online forum gaming of Pit Fighting!  Massively fun to try and I hope everyone here goes and checks them out.
Lastly I've finally updated the Æthra section to include the .pdf version of all the Army Lists for you to download, that should make it easier for people to find them.  I've also included some contact information just incase you had a new idea for a a game that we can include on this site.  Remember the more games we have here the further our reach extends so be sure to send your ideas in!
Lastly I'll be working at adding an actual Clockwork Legacy forum to the mix, it'll be a place where gamers can gather together and discuss their idea and what they think of what we offer in one general location so I hope to see a lot of activity there once it's operational.

Until next time!

22 January, 2007: The Grand Opening!

Well I've finally done and done it, after much procrastinating I've started a website for Aethra: A world Divided!  Though instead of having just a site only for Aethra I've decided to expand the whole idea of what Aethra is, because really it's not just a cool miniatures battle strategy game but it's something somewhat new in that it's a completly independant game so I decided to expand on that idea.  Clockwork Legacy isn't just for Aethra, but for all independant games that your average person comes up with; be it something as involved as Aethra or just a simple fun little game that you and your friends came up with or even an actual computer game that you made (though I'm not sure how much I could help you with those...) anybody can gather their ideas hear and share them with fellow gamers, so feel free to let your imagination soar!


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