Welcome to Clockwork Legacy!

We are a revolutionary community. We are not made up not of the businessmen of the world but of the gamers of the world, a community made by gamers for gamers all completely independent and free to let our imaginations sore as we create what we want!

Ever had an idea for a game but for some reason didn’t follow through with it?  Well now is your chance!  We bring independent games to the people, ones that you wouldn’t find on the shelf of some store or that you’d have to pay to play, these are just ideas brought on by individual people who want to share what they thought up with the world so that other people can play and enjoy them as well.  Though we are still quite small the word is spreading and soon people everywhere will be enjoying your creation along with you!

If you would like to be involved in the Clockwork Legacy Revolution then it's simple to join, feel free to check out one of our many hosted gaming sites and join in the fun!
Even better if you had an idea for a new game yourself then feel free to send it in, the only rules are:
1) It must be a brand new, never been seen before game created by YOU  (in other words no plagurism or copywrite infringment on ideas already created.)
2) The game must be free to learn and play.
With these rules in mind you still have a world of oppourtunitys at your finger tips; the game you create can be anything, from the table top and forum based gaming you see hosted here already to a cool card game that you thought of one night.  Hell it could even be an actual computer game that your built and programed and now with to unleash on the world!  Let your imagination sore!

If you have any questions or ideas feel free to contact me (Adonidus) through my e-mail link: adonidus@gmail.com


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