Enter a world where you have power over an entire race.  Where strange and wonderful warriors of all sizes and shapes make war on a living field of battle.  A place where you are the leader of hundreds! 

Æthra: A World Divided

Æthra is the flagship game of Clockwork Legacy . It was initially modeled after such battle strategy games like Warhammer and Confrontation, though has since grown to become a full miniatures hobby game of its own right.  In Æthra you command an army of troops on a three dimensional battlefield with miniatures.  Through use of advanced movement and battle techniques you bring your army to bear against your enemy in the most fluid and player friendly system ever developed for table top gaming.

If your new to hobby gaming or a veteran of other games from years past you’ll all be able to play and enjoy Æthra and explore it’s in depth history and timeline as you literally decide the outcome of your chosen race!

If you wish to download the rules for Æthra simply click the links to the side for each armies set of rules.  To download a set of the main game rules you will need to register with the Forum Website and download it from there.

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